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Introducing the nations strongest integrated workers' compensation programs specifically designed to meet the complex needs of caregiver companies everywhere.

Caregiver Advantage programs combine A Rated workers compensation coverage with a suite of superior business services at a competitive all inclusive price.

Caregiver companies of all types may qualify for Caregiver Advantage Programs. 

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Home Health Care Employees

People working in the caregiving field are performing some of the most important jobs in our society. Caregivers help those who have impairments to carry on with their daily lives and activities. People who are aging and people who have a disability, disease, or mental disorder rely on caregivers in order to stay safe and retain a high quality of life. But this important work can put caregivers at great risk.

OSHA requires workers’ compensation insurance for home health care workers and caregivers in institutional settings to protect workers from hazards associated with their jobs. According to OSHA, hospitals are among the most dangerous places to work. In 2011, 58,860 injuries in hospitals caused employees to miss work. This is just a small glimpse of the number of accidents caregivers face and doesn’t factor in the injuries that occur outside of hospitals in private settings.

The health-care field includes many different jobs, but in general, everyone in the field faces the same risks.

  • Overexertion/Repetitive Stress Injuries: Caregivers are much more likely to develop musculoskeletal disorders because they spend many hours on their feet doing physical work.
  • Patient-Handling Activities: Caregivers often have to lift and handle patients, which can lead to strains and accidental injuries.
  • Needle Sticks: Most caregivers must use needles and other sharp instruments that are cut or puncture hazards.
  • Slips and Falls: These injuries are often a result of slipping on a liquid spilled on the floor.
  • Understaffing: When there is a lack of staff, caregivers are compelled to do more work more quickly, increasing the risk of an accident.

How Can Caregivers Stay Safe in the Workplace?

Brokers who represent clients in a high-risk field such as caregiving may have a difficult time finding reliable workers’ compensation insurance. Some companies are not willing to offer insurance to caregivers, even though they are among those who need it most. MartinoWest is different.

We are happy to work with brokers and provide high-quality workers’ compensation insurance for home health care workers and other caregivers at competitive rates. Your clients can receive a rebate of up to 25% when they report low or no losses after a year.

To help reduce the rate of injury, workplaces should take a few precautions, such as:

  • Offering safety training
  • Identifying and assessing hazards
  • Purchasing lift-assistance equipment
  • Offering hazard-prevention training
  • Instituting minimal-lift policies

In addition to these precautions, brokers can help their clients provide workers’ compensation insurance backed by A-rated carriers. With our pay-as-you-go plans, premiums are calculated based on payroll: When payroll decreases, so do the bills. little or no up-front deposits are needed when you work with MartinoWest. And our great value can save clients 20% or more on their rates.

With little or no deposits or audits, brokers can feel confident that they can improve cash flow for their clients and set them on a path to success. Contact our representatives to learn more about why we have the best retention rates in the industry (more than 90%!) and join our list of satisfied customers.