Workers' Compensation Programs

Contractors Advantage

Introducing the nations leading integrated workers' compensation programs specifically designed to meet the complex needs of contractors everywhere.

Contractors Advantage combines A Rated workers compensation coverage with a suite of superior business services at a competitive all inclusive price.

Contractors of all types my qualify for the Contractors Advantage Program. 

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Construction Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers in the contracting field put themselves in dangerous situations every day to build the structures that we rely on. Most contractors are put at risk while working with dangerous equipment and climbing to hazardous heights, and out of all fields, contractors are one of the most likely to experience fatal on-the-job injuries. OSHA standards require workers’ compensation insurance for independent contractors and all other workers in this field. Roofing workers’ compensation insurance is especially necessary, as falling is the greatest cause of fatal injuries within the construction industry. With so much at stake, MartinoWest understands that brokers representing these clients need to find high-quality workers’ compensation insurance for independent contractors and others working in this field.

Too often, insurance companies place limitations on the fields that they will offer workers’ comp (WC) insurance for. Contractors are heavily scrutinized during the pre-qualification process, if even considered at all. MartinoWest has proven success in working with this field, and we are fully prepared to offer construction workers’ compensation insurance. Brokers can turn to us with these hard-to-place clients because we understand their great need for reliable workers’ comp coverage. We want to help your clients maximize their business potential while protecting their at-risk employees.

How Can Contractors Improve Workplace Safety?

There are many reasons for contractors to make their workplace as safe as possible, and we have one more: Our programs can reward your clients for workplace safety. After a year of low losses, your clients can earn a rebate of up to 25% of their premium. There are a few steps that workplaces can take to make their workplace safer and increase their chances of earning their rebate:

  • Pair new hires with an experienced sponsor to evaluate safety practices
  • Require safety orientation for all new hires
  • Ensure that managers are well-versed in safety procedures and encourage a safety-conscious culture
  • Hold pre-hazard analysis training programs
  • Hold monthly safety programs
  • Have a targeted safety training that addresses all safety incidents
  • Make sure that all safety information is written in all languages spoken by the workforce
  • Create small safety guides for each specific task performed
  • Provide safety mentoring programs for each craft
  • Make safety badges indicating each worker’s level of safety training
  • Use a stop-work procedure in the event of any incident

MartinoWest Benefits for Brokers

Dangerous falls are a reality when building and roofing. Workers’ compensation insurance is necessary for all of those in the construction field, and MartinoWest offers some of the most affordable high-quality insurance on the market. Your clients also can take advantage of our high-value pay-as-you-go billing, which adjusts to their payroll: As payroll goes down, so do premiums.

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